Hole No. 1

The first hole is a nice introduction to the course. A generous fairway awaits with fairway bunkers right and left guarding against an errant long tee shot. The approach shot is relatively easy from the fairway, with two greenside bunkers and a runoff area on the left for shots missing the green.

Pro Tip: A more aggressive line down the left side of the fairway opens up the green for your second shot.

Black 383
Blue 353
White 307
Red 260
HCP Index 17

Hole No. 1

Hole No. 2

The creek plays a big part on hole 2 which extends the entire left side of this challenging Par 5. Trees guard the right side and strategically placed bunkers makes players mindful on each shot from start to finish. The narrow green is protected by a large bunker on the left.

Pro Tip: If you try to go for the green in two, aim for the right side of the green as the approach will funnel shots back towards the putting surface.

Black 584
Blue 563
White 533
Red 476
HCP Index 9

Hole No. 3

The elevated green complex is protected by a runoff area and a large bunker on the right. A tee shot hugging the left side of the fairway is the optimum play on this demanding Par 4.

Pro Tip: Position off the tee is essential to open up the approach shot.

Black 462
Blue 439
White 396
Red 348
HCP Index 3

Hole No. 4

A perfect tee shot is needed to get into position to attack this long and narrow green. A colossal bunker intimidates the right side of the fairway and a narrow creek swings across and alongside one of the toughest holes on the course.

Pro Tip: Avoiding the bunkers on the tee shot is key, the second shot requires a soft draw so you can work the ball off the slope on the right side of the green.

Black 459
Blue 435
White 407
Red 337
HCP Index 1

Hole No. 5

Players are greeted by a collection of sand traps at the first of the Par 3’s. A pure tee shot is needed into the heart of this green to avoid a tough recovery shot. Beware of any shot going long as the runoff area will leave a delicate chip shot.

Pro Tip: Take dead aim only if you feel comfortable with the pin position on the green.

Black 194
Blue 166
White 131
Red 110
HCP Index 15

Hole No. 6

This relatively short Par 4 will need a well-placed tee shot to set up a chance at birdie. The hole is protected by three fairway bunkers which are positioned to engulf any offline tee shot. The elevated green is protected on all sides by a nest of various sized bunkers.

Pro Tip: Try and control the spin on your second shot, as a front middle pin is easy to spin back off the green.

Black 392
Blue 359
White 312
Red 256
HCP Index 13

Hole No. 7

Position play is key on this wonderful Par 5. Intimidating bunkers define the tee shot on the right where finding the fairway is a must. Cross bunkers strategically placed in the landing area will add to the tension on what length of third shot to leave. The two-tier green is well protected by sculptured bunkers both front and rear.

Pro Tip: Most players cannot reach in two, so make sure you layup to a good yardage on your 2nd, as the green is very undulated.

Black 617
Blue 483
White 501
Red 458
HCP Index 7

Hole No. 8

The sloping green requires a pin point tee shot to reach the correct tier for a good look at birdie. The two greenside bunkers provide protection on the right and the lake waits for any tee shot pushed to the left. This long Par 3 is a stern test for any player!

Pro Tip: If the hole is playing downwind, you want to hit a club that lands on the front of the green, as the ball tends to release often on this green.

Black 236
Blue 203
White 164
Red 127
HCP Index 11

Hole No. 9

Spectacular views welcome players at the tee, with the lake prominent on the left side of the fairway. Those who bail out to the right will find two well placed bunkers. The green is elevated with a huge swale at the front, bunkers right and long protect errant approach shots. Par is a great score at this difficult Par 4.

Pro Tip: The second shot tends to play longer than the yardage, so if between clubs use one extra.

Black 464
Blue 430
White 395
Red 353
HCP Index 5

Hole No. 10

This short dogleg right Par 4 is protected on both sides by bunkers where position from the tee is vital to set up a short approach. The green is protected by a single bunker on the right and a step runoff area for any shot that lands short of the green.

Pro Tip: Long hitters can get close to the green. Otherwise, lay up on the top of the crest in the fairway and avoid a downhill pitch shot.

Black 388
Blue 359
White 305
Red 274
HCP Index 14

Hole No. 11

Bunkers dominate the eyeline from the tee on this dogleg left Par 5. After navigating a tee shot between the fairway bunkers, players are left with an approach shot to a narrow green protected by deep bunkers. Decisions on taking the green on in two will be determined by the pin position and angle of attack.

Pro Tip: A big high draw off the tee is key here. If you must bailout, do it to the right.

Black 520
Blue 475
White 431
Red 375
HCP Index 18

Hole No. 12

Water protects the left side of the fairway with well-placed bunkers on the right. Players will be rewarded with a short iron approach shot if they find the fairway. The green is protected by bunkers both left and right, with water the result of going long on this relatively short Par 4.

Pro Tip: Most pros will hit a 3 wood or long iron off this tee for position.

Black 382
Blue 349
White 293
Red 245
HCP Index 10

Hole No. 13

This two-tiered green makes distance control from the tee the key element on this picturesque Par 3. Bunkers are in play for any errant tee shot and sharp runoffs will gobble up any misguided tee shot.

Pro Tip: Even though it’s downhill, it does have a tendency to play longer that it looks.

Black 210
Blue 193
White 146
Red 115
HCP Index 16

Hole No. 14

This downhill dogleg left Par 4 is one of the most difficult holes on the course. A well-placed drive will leave an intimidating approach shot to an elevated green surrounded by vast runoff areas. Bunkers both right and long protect any bail out from players trying to avoid missing the green left.

Pro Tip: Make sure you pick the right line off the tee, as you can’t see where the ball lands on the fairway. Short right is not a bad miss on your second shot. Long left is not good!

Black 478
Blue 451
White 398
Red 318
HCP Index 2

Hole No. 15

The last of the Par 5’s on the back nine is protected by large bunkers throughout the hole. Precision will be needed throughout this hole to set up a birdie chance. The two-tiered green is protected by three bunkers and runoff areas for shots not making the putting surface.

Pro Tip: This hole favors a high draw off the tee. Keep your second shot right, similar to the 2nd hole’s second shot.

Black 584
Blue 555
White 481
Red 433
HCP Index 8

Hole No. 16

Bunkers dominate the right side of this long par 4. Players finding the fairway will have a challenging approach shot to a narrow green with bunkers on the right and sweeping run off areas on the left. Any shot going long will find the lake. Par is a great score on this demanding hole.

Pro Tip: Not a demanding tee shot but the green is firm. Coming into the green, left is a better miss than right.

Black 478
Blue 456
White 387
Red 356
HCP Index 6

Hole No. 17

The iconic 17 island green is one of Asia’s finest golf holes. One of only two floating greens worldwide, this signature hole will provide a true test of nerve. Club selection is key with varying wind directions impacting shots on this daunting Par 3.

Pro Tip: On a front pin position, make sure you have enough club if you miss it left as the carry is longer on the left than the right and that’s hard to tell from the tee box.

Black 145
Blue 141
White 114
Red 81
HCP Index 12

Hole No. 18

The finishing hole threads through both lakes with water prominent throughout this picturesque Par 4. The green is nestled at the forefront of the beautiful Mediterranean clubhouse. Approach shots must navigate the cascading waterfall and greenside bunker. The green slopes from back to front and provides a dramatic backdrop at sunset.

Pro Tip: A nice fade off the left side of fairway is ideal here. The pro miss is short right. The green slopes back to front! A great finishing hole!

Black 477
Blue 436
White 387
Red 316
HCP Index 4